How long have you been at Roanoke College?

I am a Roanoke College graduate, earning a BS in Biology. I have been teaching here at Roanoke for over 20 years.

What do you teach here?

I teach a lot of microbiology, biology at the introductory level (Biology 180), some specialty upper level courses dealing with mycology and plant pathology, and I teach microbiology and agriculture-related topics in the INQ curriculum. I also have students in my research lab working on microbiology and mycology-related projects in an area of science called Microbial Source Tracking MST).

Where did you go to school?

After earning a BS in Biology at Roanoke College, I earned my MS and PhD at Virginia Tech.

What do you like about Roanoke College? 

I knew when I went to college I wanted to go to a smaller college where I would be in smaller classes, I could ask questions and I could be involved in more of what was going on. I had a very solid education and research experience here that helped me get into and succeed in graduate school. Now I help students not only learn content, but I help them learn how to learn, and learn skills they will use later. I know my students well, and this helps in the writing of letters of recommendation and overall application process to graduate programs or professional school.

What do you do in HPAG?

I help students who are interested in dental school, chiropractic and optometry school. Of course like the rest of us on HealthPAG, we help with mock interviews, letters of recommendation, and advising.

What is a fun fact that people might not know?

Spend any time with me and you will see I love orchids (I grow lots of miniatures on sticks). I am originally from Pennsylvania, so I visit often, especially a family farm there, and I joke with students about sauerkraut, pierogi, kielbasa and halupki. I worked on my research during my sabbatical in Austria a few years ago (headed back soon!) and I can’t seem to stay away from Colorado, it might be catching.

What advice would I give to students?

I always suggest to students that they should get to know their professors. Go ask questions or just see who they are or what research they are doing. We are here to help in any way we can, so getting to know you will help both of us. Come see me, we can talk about other strategies that I’m sure will help. Finally, use HealthPAG well before it is time to apply to a professional school. We are here to help you along the way.