A beautiful setting near New Castle, Virginia.

We have to remove all the knots in the rope without actually letting go of it. What?

When you have a lot of students who are interested in careers that require a lot of teamwork, it seems appropriate to spend a beautiful day near New Castle having fun with team-building exercises.


One group had the job of getting 18 people to sing “Row Row Row Your Boat” without standing directly on the ground.  It was not that hard at first.  Then the allotted standing space got smaller.

The overlook was a great setting for the teamwork activities.Four groups vied to see who could be the fastest to toss a much-used soccer ball to the end of the field and back…using a sheet.

Untangling the rope

Another game

A beautiful day for team-building

Dr. Hollis ponders how this situation can be related to organic chemistry.

Rock, paper, scissors?

A team is formed!